DVD Studio Pro 4.2 – Peachpit 2007

This illustration portrays the collection point of programs, and materials coming together on a DVD, literally spinning onto the disk on the right. DVD production is a very abstract and interesting concept. Collecting and delivering a diverse set of assets onto a format which was originally intended to deliver simple video content is both complex an powerful at the same time.

I wanted to leave enough space around the focus of the DVD as a delivery mechanism. The rotational arc of the spinning disc form on the right is a very foreign piece in this composition. As such, it almost appears the focus of the piece. In essence, that is what DVD production is about, delivering content on an optical disc that’s spinning rapidly.

The composition is dominated by rectilinear and strong lines mostly at right angles. These represent the precision of digital assets and the digital system upon which they reside. The striped semi-transparent vertical “gate” just to the right of the center is a hint at the “digital sieve” through which all content must pass to meet the requirements of delivering on the DVD format. The color-block assets that float around the composition are there to hint at the conceptual interface level at which assets float about the DVD project as it’s being developed into a deliverable asset.

Completed spring 2007.

Apple Pro Training Series:
DVD Studio Pro 4, Second Edition
ISBN: 0321501896
April 2007