Final Cut Pro 6 for Avid Editors – Peachpit 2007

The title of this book is followed quite literally in this illustration. To get the book to relate back to Final Cut Studio 6, I started with the “hero” 3d shape from the Final Cut illustration’s “conceptual” layer. Since the book is about translation of knowlege base from one system to another, I wanted to show two seperate forms of different substance mirrored in the image. The vantage point of the illustrated scene is focused on the subject on the right almost as if the form of block shapes on rhe left is looking into a mirror.

The focal point for this translation of information comes together through a “window” shape. The graphing of points of interest are translated through that window and seen as dots and boxes tied together. Ultimately the open window shape also looks like a linear representation of an open book into which the viewer is peering and looking to translate their knowledge.

Completed late spring 2007.

Apple Pro Training Series:
Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors, Third Edition
ISBN: 0321515390
May 2007