Final Cut Pro 6 for Broadcast – Peachpit 2007

This illustration needed to relate to the original Final Cut 6 cover. After considering the title, I wanted to create a sense of immediacy for the background 3d form. I used bolder color and moved around the 3d shape to view it from a different angle and get ths striking silhouette.

Graphically, the layers relate closely to conventions I had created for the other books in the Final Cut Studio series. Workflow moving from left to right covers the process of aquisition, editing, and delivery through a broadcast streamed compression standard. The angled “doors” that are connected to the timeline graphic, hint at the process of video, motion graphic content, and audio editing coming together in a single formated program for delivery.

Completed late spring 2007.

Apple Pro Training Series:
Final Cut Pro 6 for News and Sports Quick-Reference Guide
ISBN: 0321514238
April 2007