iLife – Peachpit 2006

iLife 2006 was the first “iApps” book cover which i created for Peachpit. The goal of differentiating the professional and iApps line of books resulted in a unique stylistic direction for the series. I used a more fundamental approach to composition and form as a result, and used textural techniques to execute the designs.

This cover took the longest to develop in the collection. I had spent about 35 hours developing another composition, that i was convinced wasn’t working out. Finally in the middle of one night after waking up to comfort my daughter who had a bad dream, these compositional elements came to me in a flash, and i executed the final design.

The elements of this composition come from what i felt were the fundamental aspects of the iLife suite: inspiration, organization, and presentation (or broadcast). Placing these somewhat diagrammaticaly on a plane i wanted the composition to move through the elements logically from left to right, hinting at the workflow of how the tools in the suite are used.

Completed spring 2006.