iLife – Peachpit 2008

A new direction for the iLife series of products from Apple. I wanted to continue with the textural and somewhat esoteric/diagramatic direction I’d started with the iLife 2006 cover.

I’ve always admired the representational superimpositions of structural and conceptual elements which the cubist and futurist movements relied heavily upon. In comparison to the 2006 iLife cover, I wanted this version to be considerably deeper in spatial representation, warmer, and somewhat more inviting. The approaching figure, seemingly coming from a sunset, was to me a way to evoke memories kept and the softening of reality that happens in memory. The iLife suite seems to be about keeping in touch with and framing those memories.

Completed summer 2007.

Apple Training Series:
iLife 08
ISBN: 0321502671
July 2007