iWork – Peachpit 2006

The iWork 2006 cover was completed immediately following the iLife 2006 illustration. I followed the stylistic goals for the iApps, keeping the diagramming style and graphic representation compositionally similar. The colors in the series were determined by Peachpit to keep the binding color bars the same as previous editions of the series. The deep reds in the artwork followed suit with the color scheme.

In designing the layout for the illustration, i chose to represent the duality of the suite; page-layout and presentation. This duality afforded a strong compositional foundation of two different elements. The myriad of color chips on the right hints at the fluidity by which Pages can quickly produce documents for print or publishing. The pages seem to emenate from, and fly off the figure at the center of the composition.

The left of the composition is dominated by a projection from the figures presentation podium behind which he stands. Keynote is easy to use, yet is a powerful and versatile presentation tool. The active figure in the foreground balances on one leg leaning towards an invisible audience to convey the potential energy of the tool and the dynamic it affords the user.

Completed spring 2006.