iWork – Peachpit 2008

I developed this cover as an update to the 2006 suite. The goals on this composition were to follow suit with the iLife 2008 update. The stylistic direction of the angular figures continued. Since the suite included 3 applications, i wanted to hint at the three working together in “concert”.

I chose to have the three figures organized as if on a stage, with each figure doing their part collaborating with one another. Pages fly from the left-hand figure, and the figure in the middle-ground on the right wrangles numbers into a spreadsheet, (represented graphically as a screen-like grid) and into charts and graphs. The foreground figure enigmatically presents their slides seen as a vertical stack of chips in the podium which the figure is standing behind.

Completed summer 2007.

Apple Training Series:
iWork 08
ISBN: 0321501853
June 2007