Logic 8 – Peachpit 2007

Logic underwent a major overhaul to it’s interface in late 2007. The music industry standard evolved into an elegant music creation and editing tool. The fundamental shift in usability and integration of the advanced toolset was a milestone.

I wanted to illustrate the fundamentals of performance, world-class editing tools, and sonic brilliance in the composition. With consideration for the updated user experience in working with the application, I chose to use a dramatic visual scheme remeniscent of a spacious concert hall environment. In this space, the representations of editing, performance, and sonic clarity are suspended in concert with one another. Other aspects of performance are hinted at in the graphic of the “house/stage” on the right of the composition. A swirling of lines emenate from the stage and arc back into the performance space.

After this illustration went to press, I was told by the product manager (of Logic) that the light/open window on the upper left he considered to be “inspiration” illuminating the act of music creation and production. The cues that i started from for this illustration (given by him) were: inspiration, ease of use in creating music, and sonic clarity and precision of the final master.

Completed fall 2007.

Apple Pro Training Series:
Logic 8 Pro and Logic Express 8
ISBN: 0321502922
October 2007