Motion 3 – Peachpit 2007

The third version of Motion included a unique approach to 2d/3d composition. 3d cameras, lights, and particles, as well as paint and tracking tools were new additions to the extensively updated compositing engine.

In this composition i wanted to show the diversity of the toolset, both in practice from the users perspective, and in final product. Conceptually, a framing device or camera moves across the space from left to right indicating the frame it’s capturing in two locations. Motion’s unique timeline trimming device is simply represented on the horizontal bar in the image. Various stages of an animated grapic arc are shown progressing underneath the rectangular frame on the right. From the center top, a series of graphic objects are seen stacked atop one another remeniscent of Motion’s layer-stack and grouping representation for layered images.

Behind the graphics, planes lit from above hang in space, above a particle system fluttering below. Farthest back in the scene, a dancing form flows behind the composition, implying the dynamic possibilities within the application.

Completed spring 2007.

Apple Pro Training Series:
Motion 3
ISBN: 0321509102
April 2007