Soundtrack Pro 2 – Peachpit 2007

Soundtrack underwent a major revision in this release. Among many new features, the sound editing tool gained; first classs surround editing and mixing capabilities; an interface update; workflow and interface enhancements to make multi-take recording and editing simple and intuitive. The overall goal was to show the versatility of the application in a composition that acknowledged the maturity of the application in production.

For this illustration, i wanted to keep the composition intentionally sparse. By doing so, the focus of over-arching lines and subtlety of spatial relationships becomes prominent. The sonic space is hinted at by the descending glass shapes from the top of the composition. They are a three-dimensional form of a soundwave rotated around their temporal axes. They descend through the listening ears of the five iconified microphones represented as black lines with half-domes atop each one, in the four corners of the composition. The green arc floating above and to the right hints at the dimensional abilities of Soundtrack to move sound around the listener and through space. The compostion is lit from behind the forms, in a glowing distant horizon.

The diagramatic layout in the compostion hints more at the interface of the application. Waveforms of audio in the interface is hinted at in the transparent spinning horizontal shapes. One of the new features in the application allows the sound designer to slip audio to be timed precisely with a video track. This is hinted in the three rectangles in the upper right of the composition, which tie into the blue audio clip in the lower left of the image.

Completed spring 2007.

Apple Pro Training Series:
Soundtrack Pro 2
ISBN: 0321502663
April 2007